Workout Video: The Lose the Love Handles Workout


These are some of my favorite abdominal exercises and to do them you only need…paper towels! Kinda strange I know but the paper towels increase the intensity and effectiveness of the exercises so you’ll definitely want to try them out. If you have a set a Valslides those will be perfect as well. Each exercise is pretty tough so you don’t have to do very many reps to get the benefit. Try do add these into your current abdominal routine or do the whole workout 2-3 times per week and say good bye love handles and hello flat abs!

4 thoughts on “Workout Video: The Lose the Love Handles Workout

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  2. I have carpet in my apartment so couldn’t use the paper towels but I found an alternative!!! Use SHOE BOX LIDS! They work great! And you get just the same workout! Thought I’d let those know who also have carpet!

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