Printable Workout: fit fABtastic workout- total core toner

I usually save my abdominal workout at the end of my workout, and I always love to  have a printable plan to ensure I actually get my core work done. I love to mix crunches with isometic plank work since it keeps my muscles guessing through the entire workout giving me more bang for my buck. You’ll work all the abdominal and oblique muscles so add this to the end of a cardio session or onto a strength workout to get a totally toned core! My philosophy on ab work is once it burns do ten more reps…so after you conquer making it through this “fABtastic” workout once try for two or three total times through to keep it challenging:) Remember to go slowly, focus on form and keeps those abs contracted!

Get the printable version here. Fit Fabtastic Workout

Happy Workout!

7 thoughts on “Printable Workout: fit fABtastic workout- total core toner

  1. hiya!
    can you explain a ‘hip-up’…? i’ve got an idea, but want to be sure…
    is it like a plank to pike position move, sticking your booty way up in an inverted V?

    • Hey! :) I was curious myself! I thought it might mean laying on your back, with your knees bent in and feet flat on the floor. Raising your hips and butt upwards? That’s what I was gonna do anyway :)

  2. Hi, where do I find instructions on how to do the exercises – as I do not know how to do some you have suggested here. Thank you

  3. Just found your site. Thanks for all the printable workouts. They looked great and I look forward to trying them!

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