How To: Coral Ombre Nails

My style tends to be pretty classic, so experimenting with nail color is one my favorite ways to partake in new trends. This year anything goes in the nail polish department, from dark shades to light ones, glitter to crackle finishes, plenty of intricate designs and one of my favorite trends… the multicolor or ombre mani.

I love ombre, in fact this cream to coral ombre is pretty close to the colors I used for my wedding last year. We used a white peach bellinis is as inspiration and incorparted shades of champagne to coral to create a graduation of color. (That’s how you know it’s ombre).

I was looking through some of my favorite polishes and realized I could do a similar look for my nails which I really ended up loving. It was playful and modern without being overtly trendy, and the best part,  I didn’t have to choose between my favorite Julianne Juelp polish and Mango-get-em from Loreal:)

To recreate the look find  5 polish colors in the same color family that get gradually lighter, start with the darkest on your thumb and move to the lightest shade on your pinkie. This ombre trend a fun way to sport some of this summer’s bright nail polish colors! Enjoy!

If you don’t have 5 polishes that fit the bill you can layer polshes from the same family over each other to get a gradation of color. (The color on my middle finger is a combination middle two polish colors).

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