How-To: 5 Steps To Master The Perfect Blowout

The blowout is one of the most important hairstyling techniques to master, but it can also be one the trickiest.  I love blowouts since they make your hair look impossibly gorgeous, and a good blowout will actually give you a few days worth of hairstyles. Great for those crazy busy weeks! After plenty of research, along with trial and error, I think I have it down to science…simple and easy, perfect for getting ready in the morning.

  1. Start with wet hair, make sure you have done a really thorough shampoo and condition, then add a few drops of smoothing serum like Morrocanoil. Give your hair a rough dry until it’s about 60% dry.
  2. Section your hair into 8 sections (two sections at the top of your head, a section on each side, two at the back of your head and two at the bottom)
  3. Grab a round brush a dry each section starting with the top, make sure the hair is completely dry, this is really important. (TIP: start with the brush on the outside of the hair to pull it tight, then when it’s almost dry move the brush under the hair to give it bend and body)
  4. Divide the dried hair into two sections and roll each section with velcro rollers. Once you have all your hair in rollers , go over with the hairdryer on low speed but with heat. Add an allover spritz of hairspray and let your hair set for 10 minutes. (Perfect time to do your makeup)
  5. Undo the rollers, turn your head upside down and lightly spray with hairspray. Run your fingers through and  you are good to go!

31 thoughts on “How-To: 5 Steps To Master The Perfect Blowout

    • Thank you SO much! Since I’ve been doing this for a while I have to down to a science, each time I do it I get a little faster;) It takes me about 20-25 minutes total including the time it takes to put on my makeup while my hair sets. My hair takes a really long time to dry, so it probably takes me longer to do this than if you have shorter hair. Thanks so much for the question! XO Caitlin

  1. Can you tell me how you do the 2 sections of Velcro rollers please? Is it top and bottom or divided down the middle? Pics would be great!

  2. I don’t think I have enough hair for eight sections! But I’m sure I can divide a little less. Great tips, I’ve always wondered why my blowouts turn out a bust.

  3. When yyou say divide dry hair into two sections is that divide each of the 8 sections into two sections? So a total of 16 sections?

    • It depends on how think your hair is, but 8 sections should be great. 16 will work if you have REALLY thick hair:) XO Caitlin

  4. I have REALLY thick and for years I have been letting it air dry for a while (hours and sometimes over night in a bun) and then blow it dry – I do this because if it is wet it takes soooo long to dry and towel drying only hurts my hair. Do you have any rec for REALLY thick hair??

    • Thanks so much for the question! One of the best things I’ve found is MorrocanOil. It makes your hair really smooth and shiny but it also speeds drying time. My hair takes a super long time to dry too, and this has really helped. The T3 hairdryer is quite a splurge, but it really speeds drying time. It’s also one of the best on the market in terms of not damaging your hair. Here is a link for it on amazon where you can get it for about $85.

      Air drying overnight is a great idea, plus the bun or braids will add texture! Another tip that might help is to really focus on blowdrying in sections. First, turn your head over and get most of the dampness out, but then section your hair off and blow out small sections at a time. When you’re not drying wet hair over wet hair it will make the drying go faster. Hope that helps! XO Caitlin

  5. @alison.. if you wear your hair in a bun overnight the moisture will stay in your hair. and im sure will still be just as damp the next day. braids are atleast a little better! and m.oil light for light hair colors and m.oil regular for darker hair colors. your blow out looks amazing.. beautiful hair!

  6. Step by step pictures would make this blog so much better to learn! I think I may have seen another link on this but with pictures and it really is a great tutorial

  7. It would be great if you could do this and post pictures @ each point! Also would you do an updo or two?? =D
    I’ve always thought stylists should have classes for those of us who are “styling-challenged”! Thanks for showing a good blowout!

  8. how do you logistically blow dry starting at the top? I find that once the top pieces are dry I ruin them by trying to keep them out of the way when doing the underside pieces so I usually start at the bottom and then the top dries too much naturally and has flyaways and stuff. do you put the piece in the roller once you’re done with each section? thanks!!

  9. My hair has been driving me crazy for weeks. I gave this a try and it turned out beautifully. Though the last bit I seperated it into 6 pieces and rolled them. I have super thick hair. Thanks for the tutorial. i will be doing this more and hopefully will get through it quicker haha.

  10. I’d love to see a video or a couple pics of your hair in the rollers to know what pattern to use… I also 2nd ^^Ana’s question – What size rollers do you use?

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