Weekend Challenge: Tone your lower body with the walking lunge challenge

Who doesn’t love a little extra challenge for the weekend? I always like to use my Saturday workouts to break away from my usual routine and to experiment with new classes or new workout formats. I think it’s a great way to incorporate new ideas and exercises plus it breaks up the boredom and creates that little extra push to make it to the gym. Challenging your body with something new is also a great way to keep seeing results! So here is a little “Weekend Challenge” for you:)

I taught this “walking lunge challenge” in my Total Toning class and my students loved to hate it! You will feel in the morning so, it’s my measure of a good workout:) Try it once in the morning and once at night each day of the weekend or incorporate 2-3 rounds of it in your regular run or workout. You don’t need any equipment so there are no excuses! Plus if you want to sport short-shorts this weekend, it’s the perfect thing to tighten and tone your whole lower body!

Have a great weekend and let me know what you though of the challenge!


3 Things For a Fit Fab Weekend

Happy Friday! Here are three things I think will make for a Fit Fab Weekend.

  1. Match your nail color with your lip color: This is a fun, playful look that might be a little too much for the office but is perfect for the weekend. I’m wearing Loreal Mango-get em nail polish and Revlon Coralberry lipstick.
  2. Pick up some peonies: Peonies are my absolute favorite flower, one of my favorite things and will always make a room look luxurious and beautiful. Their season is so short, so I always love to have them around the house in May and June.
  3. Weekend Challenge: All right if you need to change up your weekend workout routine, this one is for you! Even if you don’t usually have time to workout on the weekend you will have time for this quick little workout. It’s full body and some serious cardio plus you don’t need any equipment so you can even do it if you’re on vacation!

Happy Fit Fab Weekend!


Fit Fab Weekend

(outside dining photo from http://tinywhitedaisies.tumblr.com/ and Olivia Palermo photo from http://www.elementsofstyleblog.com)

Happy Friday! Here are three things I think will make for a great Fit Fab Weekend!

  1.  Dine Al Fresco: When the weather gets warm I think ther’s nothing better than eating outside. Whether it’s a Sunday brunch or family dinner, or even ordering a pizza:), if the sun is shining, try to get outside to enjoy a summer meal!
  2. Sport Brightly Colored Shorts: Ok I admit it, I watched The City on MTV…even worse, I was bummed when it was cancelled. While she may have been the villain to Whitney Port’s California good girl, you have to admit Olivia Palermo had some killer style. I have her outfits all over my Pinterest board and I always draw on her polished and classic, yet youthful and playful style. I love this outfit with the bright shorts and neutral gauzy top with leopard accessories. This outfit would be perfect for a weekend about town. If you want to get a pair of shorts like Olivias I like these from Asos and these from Juicy Couture.
  3. Weekend Challenge: Ok this weekend replace your regular workout with this high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout video. It uses tabata protocol which is proven to burn the most fat in the least amount of time, and you’ll get both cardio and strength work. If you don’t usually workout on the weekends give it a try anyway. The extra workout will be perfect for getting swimsuit ready and BONUS! this one is only 10 minutes long. If you want more of a challenge though, repeat it one or even two times. I dare you:)

Happy Fit Fab Weekend!



Fit Fab Weekend: “Insta”-Weekend

One of my favorite things to do is to document my weekends with Instagram. That way, not only do I look back and appreciate the fun things I did, but I also find that I think ahead and plan better weekends. Last weekend I loved visiting Pike Place Market and picking up fresh flowers and something for dessert. The market has amazing big fresh cookies, personal sized cheesecakes and tons of different types of pastries. There’s also the most fabulous store near the market called Watson Kennedy which is one of my favorite places to pick up gifts, Molton Brown soaps and other special things for my home. Ted, the owner, has the most amazing taste and if you’re ever in Seattle I highly recommend visiting the store.

For many more photos you can follow me on Instagram at FitFabCities.

Happy Fit Fab Weekend!


3 things for a Fit Fab Weekend


Paris photo is from Pinterest and http://savedbythesouthernbelle.tumblr.com

This is one of my favorite times of year…the weather is getting better and we still have all of summer to look forward too! It’s time to run outside, break out our sandals and enjoy long al fresco dinners. With spring and summer in mind, here are three things I think will make for a Fit Fab Weekend.

1. Pandora a Playlist to Paris: My “La Vie En Rose” pandora station is one of my new obsessions. I love playing it while I’m cooking, reading or getting ready in the morning as it’s the perfect way to breathe a little glamour into each day. While picking up and flying to Paris is not always a possibility:)…just putting on this playlist gets me a little closer, and makes everyday more romantic and beautiful.

2. Try Super Pink Lips: I’m a lip gloss addict, in fact one of these days I’ll Instagram a photo pf my ridiculous lip gloss collection just to prove how bad it is. Anyway, lately I’ve been embracing matte lipsticks and I’m loving bright bold pink lips. Celebs like Blake Lively, Kate Boswoth, Emily Blunt and my new favorite Ashley Madekwe (from the ultimate guilty pleasure..Revenge)  are rocking pick lips and the color is so perfect for summer. If you want to tone the color down a bit, just top your lipstick with some concealer.

3. Switch Ice Cream for Lower Calorie Gelato: Did you know gelato has less fat and fewer calories than regular ice cream! Awesome right?! Spring and summer are not complete without partaking in ice cream, so why not switch up your dessert and save a few calories with creamy, delicious gelato. It comes is so many rich, intense and amazing flavors that you only need a small portion to feel totally indulgent and satisfied. This picture is from the Williams Sonoma website where they have great recipes for gelato!

Happy Fit Fab Weekend!