Flywheel Sports Indoor Cycling Class

(credit KING5, click to see the FlyWheel video)

I’m always on the hunt for new fitness classes that make working out fun, and I’ve recently found my new obsession…Flywheel indoor cycling classes. I mean, it’s to the point where I will inject my Flywheel fanaticism into every conversation.

The workout is really popular with celebs like Sophia Vergara and Jessica Alba so it’s always intrigued me.  I had the opportunity to try the class this month when I was lucky enough to cover a Flywheel for KING5′s new Health Initiative. (FYI check  out the KING5 HealthLink page, it has tons of great healthy info!)

Now, I’ve taken (and taught) my fair  share of indoor cycling classes but Flywheel is not your average spin class. It’s the best parts of going out to a dance club and getting the best workout of your life combined!

When I stepped into the studio, the lights dimmed and all my stresses and to-do list items just melted away. The high tech bikes displayed RPM and resistance (Torq) and  I was enthralled with the idea of the Torqboard. As a pretty competitive person, the chance to see how I stacked up against the rest of the riders on real time pushed my workout to a new level. The instructors encourage and motivate riders through the workout and I even heard their words  boosting me throughout the day.

The community at Flywheel is warm and open and I really felt at home. Plus, 700 calories later I was dripping sweat and thinking…this is way too fun to even call it a workout!

5 Must Try Fitness Classes

I love trying new workout classes whenever I get the chance. I get to check out new fitness trends, get ideas for my own at home workouts, keep boredom at bay, and have some fun in the process. Plus it’s always importnat to change up your workouts so that you keep seeing results!
Here are five of the hottest, newest fitness classes that, it you have the chance, I think you should definitely try. I’ve had the pleasure of trying the ones I could find in Seattle, and if I couldn’t find it, it made my own version. Each class is a killer workout and totally different so there is something for everyone! Let me know if you’ve tried any of these workouts and which ones you like the best.
  1. Soul Cycle: Spinning classes are HUGE! Celebs like Kelly Ripa, Katie Holmes and Sophia Vergara swear by them, and one of the best in the business is Soul Cycle. Killer playlists + totally motivating class participants and teachers + 800 to 1000 calories per hour = one addictivly good workout. We have FlyWheel in Seattle which is similar and on my to do list very soon! Check out a spin class near you for some killer cardio.
  2. Barre Class: Ballet barre classes are great for toning your whole body with teeny tiny movements, light dumbbells and your bodyweight. Don’t be fooled though, these workouts are super tough. You can check out some of my reviews here. Physique 57 and Barre 3 are my favorite classes plus they have DVDs and/or online downloads so you can do the workouts anywhere.
  3. TRX Class: So obsessed with the TRX! I use it in every one of my stregnth workouts and if I had to own only one piece of fitness equipment this would be it. Well the TRX and kettlebells and a BOSU and…who am I kidding, I can’t own just one! You can take TRX classes at many gyms and some even offer bootcamp styles with cardio intervals or tabata protocal. Muscle toning, calorie burning goodness!
  4. Metcon 3: This class is exclusive to Equinox gyms and uses the principle of metabolic conditioning work. You do 10 full body exercises, each for a minute, then repeat that cycle 3 times. This really spikes your heart rate and gets you metabolism going for hours….if you don’t live near an Equinox many of my printable workouts are  based on metabolic conditioning so try one like this if you haven’t already:)
  5. SurfSET Class: I actually saw this class on Shark Tank the ABC show where entrepreneurs pitch businesses to investors. The workout is done entirely on a surfboard which is suspended to recreate the feeling of being on the water. There are also resistance bands on the side of each board for upper body work. I love adding some instability to my workouts since doing so increases the effectiveness of even simple exercises like bicep curls. The SurfSET class will work your whole body especially your legs and core…plus can you think of a more fun way to burn 500-800 calories?! Classes are pretty limited right now, but SurfSET looks to be expanding very soon. If you can’t take a class try  incorporating standing on a BOSU ball into your workout for the same effect.

(image credits: dailycandy, barre3, trxtraining, wellandgoodnyc, surfSET)

My Kelly Ripa Workout…Spinning and Ballet Barre

(Image Credit: Barre3)

I’ve long been obsessed with Kelly Ripa’s workout routine. I think she looks amazing, I appreciate that she loves trying new classes and I love that she always owns up to how much she actually works out :) .

Kelly was one of the first people to rave about the super fun and totally killer spin workout at Soul Cycle and she might be single handedly responsible for the sensation that is  Physique 57.  I’ve read Kelly does a few Soul Cycle classes a week along with 3 or so barre classes at Physique 57, and this past weekend I though I’d give her workout routine a try. Bottoms line..amazeballs!!!

My “Kelly Ripa Workout” started with a 60 minute  barre class at Barre3 which was FABULOUS! We did these teeny tiny movements with one pound (yes, one pound!) weights that I am still feeling in my triceps. There were lots of regular plies, small “V” plies along with squats and lunges using the ballet barre for support. We used a squishy ball for glute and abdominal work and complimented everything with plenty of stretching. While we don’t have Physique 57 in Seattle, I had the pleasure of taking a Physique class last year and loved it, and Barre3 workout is the closest I’ve found to Physique 57′s intensity. Then I hit the gym for a 30 minute spin workout.

(Image Credit: Flywheel Sports)

This spinning barre class combo was intense, it’s no wonder Kelly Ripa is in such amazing shape! Put it this way, I almost fell asleep in the elevator on the way home and eventually ended up having to take a nap. My muscles felt toned and lean from the barre class and the spin workout satisfied my need for a good sweat session. It was a really fun way to get both cardio and strength work and I really enjoyed mixing up my regular running and circuit training schedule. This Kelly Ripa workout will definitely make it into my regular rotation!


BARRE: If you want to try it out check to see if there is a Barre3, Pure Barre or Bar Method class near you. You can also purchase the Physique 57 DVDs here or do Barre3 workouts online here.

SPINNING : Try a spin class at your gym or see if Flywheel or Soul Cycle are in your neighborhood. Otherwise you can print this 500 calories spin workout or try the 30 minute workout I did. Hope you enjoy!

  1. Warm up/: Steal my sunshine (Aylen remix)
  2. Increase resistance, stay seated, stand on the chorus, the seated again// One Thing, One Direction
  3. Seated, keep up with beat of music//Let’s Go, Neyo
  4. Standing Climb, increase resistance each 30 seconds// Somebody That I Used To Know, (Tiesto Remix, Gotye)
  5. Tabata Intervals, seated sprint for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds,//Where Have You Been? (Hardwell Remix, Rihanna)
  6. Standing Climb// Someday, Mariah Carey
  7. Seated sprint, increase speed on the chorus// Good Time, Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen

This workout is such a killer I think it warrants an extra helping of dessert:)

NBC KING5 Segment: Workout Review, Paddleboarding

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being on Seattle’s NBC affiliate KING5′s daytime show New Day Northwest. I’m the lifestyle reporter and cover the best in food, fitness, fashion and lifestyle goings on around Seattle, and I love getting the opportunity to showcase the features on New Day.

Yesterday we featured one of my new favorite workouts, paddleboarding and if you haven’t tried it yet, well you have to! It’s a great workout for your legs, core and butt, plus it’s incredibly fun and a great way to enjoy beautiful views. Celebs like Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson frequently paddleboard and it burns up to about 450 calories and hour. Click on the picture above or click here to so the video and learn how fun and easy paddleboarding is. If you get nice weather this weekend it would make  perfect Labor Day workout:)

Printable Workout: Do It Anywhere, 1,2,3 Hundred Workout (Celeb Favorite)

Lately I’ve been really into Cross Fit type workouts where you do rounds of multiple reps of a handfull of exercises. It find this format makes the time go by really quickly and leaves me super sweaty with sore muscles the next day. For me, that means workout mission accomplished!

Cross Fit and the “300 Workout” become really popular a few years ago after the movie 300 came out and Geralrd Butler completely transformed his physique. Once reseved for the boys, now plenty of ladies including celebs like Jessica Biel, Cameron Diaz and Malin Akerman do it. This is my version of the 300 workout with full body exercises you can do anywhere…gym, park, even the living room. All you need is a pair of dumbells and I promise this workout will kick you butt! Try for 1, 2 or 3 times through and for 100, 200 or 300 reps that will get your whole body totally toned.

Print the workout here.123 hundred workout