Workout Clothes Wishlist: Splurge Versus Steal

Recently, I’ve been visiting many new fitness classes and studios around town, and I’ve noticed how cute all the participants always look. I’m starting to think my ratty running shorts and old tank tops are not really cutting it anymore, and thus, I have full blown “cute workout clothes envy”.

I love the girls who put together those adorable outfits with bright colors and glittery workout headbands, and then I notice some of my stuff boasts my high school cross country logo. High school… so not cool. So I have set out to improve my workout wardrobe, and I’m trying to do it without totally blowing my budget. (After all, I just checked out JCrew’s new spring shoes so….)

I’ve taken stock of a few option and developed a nice splurge and steal list.

Lululemon (splurge)

  1. Wunder Under Crop: I’m obsessed. So comfy, super flattering and they come in lots of fab colors. Splurge on these, they are worth it. (Mine went on my bday list)
  2. Cool Rackerback Crop: Also love this tank, great for sweating it up during spin classes.
  3. Vinyasa to Vina Bag: It’s a little reminiscent of the Celine bag right? I mean for something you carry to the gym, it’s uber stylish, and big.

Athleta (kinda spurge)

  1. Longsleeve Wick It top comes in 5 cute colors and even has UPF50+
  2. Workout Tank: $64 so comparable to lulu, this is a great top for larget cup sizes FYI
  3. Capri pants, on $69 and a flattering cut
  4. Hair band: I love this and this one won’t snag your hair


H&M’s new sportswear line is super cute and majorly affordable! Plus the quality is surprisingly good)

  1. Capri pants: $18…amazeballs!
  2. Long Sleeve Top: $15 great for to and from the gym
  3. Sports capris: only $29!!!!

How-To Stack and Layer Bracelets

I’m such a huge fan of statement jewelry since it adds personality to every outfit, and can transform a simple which t-shirt into fabulous fashion. Plus, most statement jewelry comes with surprisingly affordable price points, in fact, I have picked up some of my favorite finds at H&M and Forever 21 for five dollars a piece! JCrew features some of the best bold necklaces and bracelets and is a great place for a splurge.

Layering jewelry is a huge trend so here is a quick how-to guide with some “themed” looks for inspiration!

  • Have fun through mixing textures, color and sizes.
  • Pick a theme…classic, sparkle, silver or chain links, then pick different textures within a theme.
  • Try not to use only big bracelets, a few small ones really add dimension.
  • You watch always makes a great addition to layered bracelets.

Beauty How-To: Gray Glitter Manicure

I have a ridiculous weakness for anything that sparkles. Sequins, love to wear them, statement jewelry, can’t pass it up, sparkly Christmas ornaments,  glitter shoes…it doesn’t matter, if it even slightly sparkles I can’t look away. I attribute my affinity for all things garish  and shiny to either growing up in Miami, Florida or sharing a birthday with Elizabeth Taylor. Maybe it’s the combination of these two things that feeds my love of glitter:) Given this, I decided to spruce up my regular dove gray manicure. The color is a great neutral but let’s be honest, everything is better when it sparkles.

This polish is Julep’s Dendrie and I actually picked up both it and the loose silver glitter for only a dollar each at the recent Juelp warehouse sale.

DIY manicures can but tough so here are a few of my tricks. Start with enough polish on the brush to get a good coat, then drop a dot in the center of the nail and push the polish toward your cuticles and then pull up along the nail. Sweep that dot of polish out and up either side for 3 total brush strokes.

Shake glitter over just the ring finger, then tap the excess off on a hard surface. Clean up extra glitter with a q-tip.

You can find these glitter pots at Julep or use craft glitter, just make sure the textture is very fine.

Since the look is monochromatic, glitter on just the ring finger adds a subtle sparkle as you pick up a glass when out for dinner:)

Outfit Idea: Bordeaux Skinny Jeans and Silk Blouse For Winter

You know that incredible feeling when you find the holy grail of shopping purchases…the perfect pair of jeans? Well, I think I finally found mine. After an exhaustive search, I picked up this pair of  Joe’s skinny stretch jeans, and they are the perfect mid rise, the right amount of stretch and most importantly, are so comfortable I actually hang around the house in them. To make the purchase even better, I found them on sale at one of my favorite haunts, Nordstrom Rack. Paired with Jcrew’s ideal slik Blythe blouse and, of course, statement jewelry, this is one of my new go to outfits for fall. After all, does it get any better than style and comfort?

  1. JCrew Blythe blouse (dot print is out of stock but if you want polka dots check out this one from Madewell.)
  2. Ann Taylor bracelet (mine is old from JCrew but this one is great)
  3. JCrew necklace( mine is old from H&M but this one from JCrew is on my Christmas list:)
  4. Joe’s Skinny Stretch Jeans in Bordeaux: These are the best jeans I have found if you have a more athletic build. You don’t feel any muffin top and they are totally flattering…a serious win!
  5. Gap Booties (mine are from Gap and out of stock on line but I have seen them in the store)


Everyday Fall Makeup Tutorial

Who doesn’t love the bold, beautiful lips all over the place this fall? Here is a quick video tutorial of the fall makeup look I do everyday. It’s superfast and easy and looks polished enough for the office and pretty enough for a date. If you add a swipe of smokey shadow and intensify the eyeliner this look can even work for a night out.

My Tarte cheek stain in Flush and Revlon color stain balm in Smitten are in heavy rotation right now because they are so simple to use and create the perfect dewy color. Hope you like!


Products used: (Laura Mercier slik creme foundationLaura Mercier concealer / Guerlain bronzer in 2/  Stila in the lights palette  or just the kitten eyeshadow /  Stila smudge liner, Covergirl lash blast fusion mascara /  Tarte cheek stain in Flush/  Revlon color stain balm in Smitten)