Printable Workout: Tank Top Arms Volume 2

The Tank Top Arms workout has been one of the most popular posts on my blog, so I figured it was about time I created a follow up workout…hence Tank Top Arms Volume 2!

There are still plenty of pushups and dips since those are some of the most effective exercises to work multiple muscles groups in the upper body. But, I also added an up/down plank (see a quick Vine video demo of that exercise here) and changed up the shoulder presses and rows. Now in order to see all these beautiful muscles you’re building add an interval cardio workout to this one to burn fat!

Overachievers can add this to the previous Tank Top Arms workout. Let me know how many times you make it through!

Printable version is here. Tank Top Arms Workout Volume 2

Happy Workout!



Weekend Challenge: 15 Minute Fat Burner

Here’s a fun weekend challenge for you, and the best part is it only takes 15 minutes! Each time though the 5 exercise above counts as one round, and your goal is to  get through as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes. You don’t need any equipment so hit this workout at home or outside, anytime this weekend!

Let me know how many times you make it through!

Happy Workout Weekend!




VIDEO: Fun Fitness Class – Recess Workout!

(credit: King5) Click the image to see the video.

Who doesn’t love recess? Well what if I told you there is a gym that turned recess in to a workout? Monkey bars, relay races, obstacle courses and a live DJ spinning awesome mixes…and it’s all in the service of providing a muscle sculpting, fat burning workout!

This month I had the extreme pleasure of checking out Seattle’s Rival Fitness club for KING5 TV’s daytime show New Day Northwest. Click the image above to see the video and read all about it!

If you live in Seattle you will definitely want to pay Rival Fitness a visit. The gym is all about making fitness fun and accessible, and along with innovative classes like Recess and Field Day, Rival features some of the most cutting edge equipment including VIPERs, sandbacks, ropes and, of course, monkey bars.

Rival is also the only gym in Seattle that features Indo Rowing classes. The Indo Rower is a   water resistance based indoor rowing machine that provides a full body, low impact workout. It also means business… get ready to sweat and sculpt your entire body in a way you’ve never experienced before.

I tried a few classes during my free week pass and each one blew my mind.  Tabata, Field Day and Shockwave…all incredible, fun, innovative workouts. Rival is like Christmas morning for anyone who loves fitness, there is almost too much good stuff. The best part is the warm, friendly, helpful environment that makes fitness fun and everyone feel welcome!

To learn more about Rival Fitness visit their website.

Rival Fitness’s Indo Rowers use water as resistance.



Vine Fitness Workouts!


So, have you heard of Twitter’s new video sharing site Vine? It just might be my new obsession. The app allows you to take 6 seconds videos,  stop and start the recording as many times as you want for a stop motion effect or use the full 6 seconds.

I’m going to post weekly workout videos, fitness tips and other fun things that strike my fancy on the app so follow me on Vine for more videos like these! Also let me know how this week’s Weekend Challlenge goes…we are doing one minute of up/down plank!



Here is a bonus “Butts and Guts Workout” for you too:) Squats, alternating lunges, mountain climbers and plank. 30, 45 or 60 seconds of each exercise and repeat all the exercises 3-5 times through!

Printable Workout: Spring Has Sprung – Plyometric Workout

Happy first day of spring! With the change of seasons in mind, today’s printable workout is all about getting some spring in your step with plyometrics. Plyos are explosive jumping movements…clever right?:)

We’ll do 40 seconds of high intensity intervals followed by 20 seconds of rest. Get ready for an intense sweat session that is the perfect way to usher in getting in shape for bathing suit season.

Get the printable version here. Spring Has Sprung- Plyometic Workout

If you have any questions about the exercises let me know and I’ll show you a quick how to video in Vine! I’m loving the new video based social media site you can my on Vine or via Twitter.

Happy Workout!