3 Perfect Pre- Workout and 3 Perfect Post-Workout Snacks…via KING5

Pre and post workout snacks can be al little tricky…so here are few ideas that should help you take the guesswork out!

A few weeks ago I interviewed Lara Dalch from Dalch Wellness for a KING5 article about workout snacks. Lara had great suggestions, insights into when to eat, which snacks make the best fuel and which ones help with post workout recovery.

Check out the article and photo gallery on KING5′s website for 6 awesome snack ideas. Get ready to fuel your works like never before, and maybe even  get through a few extra rounds of tabata:)

Guilt-free Double Chocolate Muffins


When I asked my husband what his favorite thing that I make is, he said… chocolate muffins.  Not apple pie, not spaghetti and meatballs, not loaded potato skins his favorite thing are these low fat, low calorie muffins courtesy of the one and only Bethenny Frankel.  In true SkinnyGirl fashion,  (which is why it’s so funny that these are my husband’s favorites) Bethenny’s recipe for these muffins tastes totally decedent when it is in fact quite guilt free. For added chocolate intensity I use Ina Garten’s trick and and a pinch of instand coffee graduals to the batter. What you are left with is ooey gooey chocolately goodness perfect for a guiltfree dessert!



Challah French Toast Recipe

I love the concept of brunch. You don’t have to get up too early, it’s a great meal for conversation, you get to enjoy savory and sweet treats and oh yes, mimosas. Brunch is basically brilliant.

My love for Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa, knows no bounds, and last week for Easter, I made her Challah French Toast Recipe. Challah bread is thick and perfect for soaking up the vanilla and honey batte,  and toasts to perfection with a crispy outside and melt in your moth middle. Serve with a sprinkle of powdered sugar and drizzle of syrup for a fabulous brunch.

Food Truck Favorites: Healthy and Delicious Taco Truck

Now that we’re out of January, I feel like we’ve turned a corner weather wise. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but I’m convinced warm spring days are not too far away. (Mind you, I live in Seattle so yes, this is very wishful thinking).

One of my favorite things about Seattle is the thriving food truck culture. You can get any type of cuisine you desire made with love, fresh ingredients and culinary sophistication befitting a top restaurant. It’s a passionate, tight nit culture, with incredible creativity. Plus ,there is just something fun about walking outside to enjoy authentic Indonesian cuisine one day then southern style soul food the next.

Contigo’s Modern Mexican serves crave worthy tacos and gorditas, and it’s a must visit for me year round. Their food is actually all gluten free, the chicken mole is to die for with a sweet smokiness and the short rib tacos are mouth watering. The best part… the habanero lemonade that starts out sweet, then quickly sends a fire up from the back of your throat. It’s both surprising and addictive. If you are ever in the Seattle area I highly recommend paying Contigo a visit… it’s a great spot for a delicious healthy lunch.




Healthy Recipe: Minestrone Soup and A Grilled Chicken Panini

During the winter months there is nothing I love more than soup and a sandwich. It’s cozy and wholesome and the perfect meal to counter the cold weather. For Christmas my husband got me the new Barefoot Contessa cookbook, Foolproof, which I was ecstatic to receive after dropping major hints:) When I flipped to the Minestrone Soup recipe I knew it was going to be one of the first ones I tried. Let me say, true to Ina form, it did not disappoint.

This soup is delicious and layered with rustic flavors, bites of of squash, carrots and celery tomatoes and just a hint of heat. It’s hearty enough for a full meal even though I paired the soup with a grilled chicken panini. To make the panini I simply rubbed skinless chicken breasts with pesto then baked them in the oven, sliced fresh thin ciabatta bread, added a few gorgonzola crumbles , a few spinach leaves and a bit more pesto then pressed them in the panini.

I love this dinner since it’s incredibly healthy.. filled with lean protein, tons of veggies and healthy monounsaturated fat from the olive oil. You can make it ahead and serve it all week, my husband and I thought it was ideal for a movie night or a  laid back dinner soirée with friends. Give it a try and let me know what you think.