Printable Workout: 4 for Fall – Treadmill Workouts

With cooler fall weather finally here, I’ve started taking most of my runs indoors on the treadmill. To banish boredom, I load up my iPad with my favorite guilty pleasure TV shows, and I always mix up my treadmill workouts. In fact, one of the great things about the treadmill is how many different types of running and walking workouts you can do, while monitoring your speed, incline and time.

I’ve included 4 of my favorite treadmill workout varieties…Hill Climb, Interval, Tempo and Fartlek. While you’re probably familiar with hill climbs and interval workouts, tempo runs and fartlek might be new. Tempo runs are tough, but they are short, and they help you become faster while increasing your VO2 Max. Tempos are essential for 5k and 10k training and involve running just a bit slower than your goal race pace. So if I wanted to run a 8 min mile for a 5k, I would do a tempo run at 8:30 pace. Fartlek is a Swedish word for speedplay, and simply means mixing up for work and rest intervals…it’s a great fat burner and boredom buster!

After one of these tough workouts try flavored coconut water as a great energy booster. It’s a healthy and delicious way to hydrate!

You can walk or run for all of these workouts and get the printable version here. 4 for fall treadmill workout

Happy Workout!



Printable Workout: 35 minute HIIT Interval Running, Walking or Treadmill Workout and Playlist


I’m always looking for ways to spice up my runs. I love throwing in a few intervals and combining some principles from high intensity interval training to keep the workouts short but still super effective. This workout uses one minute intervals, 30 second intervals and a four minute  tabata protocol interval section (tabata intervals use 20 seconds of intense work and 10 seconds of rest) to burn tons of calories and increase your speed in only 35 minutes.

You can do this workout outside or inside on the treadmill. If you’re running outside or if you’re getting started with a workout plan and you’d like to walk instead, use the RPE  in the right hand column instead of relying on the MPH speeds . The RPE, or rate of perceived exertion, is a scale of 1-10…1 is sitting on the couch, 5 is a comfortable workout (you know you’re working out but you can still keep up a conversation) and 10 is working as hard as you can. Use that scale as a guide to change your speeds during the intervals and recovery work. Also the speeds are just a guideline…feel free to go slower or faster if you like.

This workout has 3 sections you can do one, two or all three parts . Here is the breakdown

  • Section A: 4 x one minute sprints
  • Section B: 4 x 30 seconds sprints
  • Section C: 4 minute tabata section,
    • 8 x 20 second sprint and 10 second rest
    • If you’re in a treadmill….”step off treadmill” means stand on the side rail area on either side of the belt for the 10 seconds of rest. If you’re running or walking just slow down to a slow walk or a slow jog for this part
You can get the printable version with tips and a breakdown of the 3 sections broken down here. HIIT Treadmill Workout

I always need great music while I’m working out, so here are a few songs that are totally motivating me through my runs right now!

Printable Workout: Bikini Body Bootcamp

All right ladies and gentlemen…summer’s almost here and that means it’s almost time to hit the beach! Given it’s the season to show a little more skin, I think you’re going to love this bikini (or boardshort, I don’t want to leave the guys out) bootcamp workout. There is no better way to burn fat and get totally tight and toned than by combining cardio with full body strength work. Plus, since you’ll be alternating between cardio and strength sections, this is also a killer interval workout .

With the weather is getting better feel free to do this workout outside since you don’t need any equipment. It’s also perfect for the gym if you prefer to bike or do the elliptical trainer instead of running. This one is going to make you sweat, but I promise if you do it 2-3 times a week you’ll be beach ready in no time!

Happy Workout!

Get the printable workout with instructions here. Bikini body bootcamp

Printable Workout: 35 minute booty toning treadmill sweat session

No need to worry about being bored on the treadmill if you bring this workout with you! There are intervals, sprints and lots of hills making this workout ideal for torching calories and totally toning your legs and glutes. So when it comes time for those incline sprints don’t think of them as intense work intervals think of them as instant butt lifters;)

After a warmup the workout is broken up into three sections: the first section is a powerwalk up a steep hill, the second section is entirely on an incline and alternates jogging  and running, the third section alternates sprinting up a hill with walking or jogging. Feel free to do on or two of the sections and if you’re looking for an advanced workout you can try all three. You cal also try adding just one section into your regular jog for a bit of variety.

Print the workout here.35 min treadmill workout


  • To modify try walking the workout instead of running or jogging. The changing incline will give you a great workout without needing to up your speed.
  • The speeds and inclines I’ve used are just a guide…feel free to modify up or down if you need to. This is especially true on sections B and C which are pretty intense.
  • This workout is intense with sprints and hills so take as many breaks as you need to and drink plenty of water!

Happy Workout!

Printable 40-Minute Interval Treadmill Workout…Never be bored on the treadmill again!

I’m not afraid to say it… I love the treadmill. I know, I know, my fellow runners out there probably gasp in horror at the thought of spending even 30 minutes “running but going no where” but I love it. I love staying dry, I love watching TV and I really love being warm.

That said, I am willing to admit it can get a wee bit  boring if every time you hop on the old treadmill you hit your regular 3-5 miles. Well that’s why I love this workout…you’ll be changing speeds, inclines even directions every minute so there is no chance you’ll get bored. After all,  keeping your mind and body guessing is the best way to keep seeing results!

Print the workout here 40 minute treadmill workout

Here is how it works…

  • You’ll warm up and alternate fast and medium running speed every minute while increasing your incline Great treadmill bonus…you can add hills whenever you like:)
  • Then you’ll recover and move onto a section where you jog backwards and shuffle sideways on the treadmill. Tip: Make sure you hold onto the arm rails until you get the hang of this exercise. (I love since it’s great for toning the back of the legs and outer thighs)
  • Rest and catch your breath then it’s onto alternating sprints and recovery jogs.

The 40 minutes will fly by and if you’re not already a treadmill convert hopefully this workout will help you on your way! Happy Running!

*** If you are an exercise newbie Katie from K.E.P.T. You Fit has a great modification of this workout. You can check it out here.***