Printable Workout: Fit Fab Abs

Today’s printable workout is all about tightening and toning the core. When it comes to abdominal workouts, I like to alternate exercises like crunches with isometric work like planks. I find it makes the workout just a bit more intense, and really keeps the muscles guessing. Remember, in order to see those ab muscles you are work so hard during this workout, you have to burn off the outer belly fat…so combine this workout with some interval training, full body strength work and healthy eating and you’ll be seeing you abs come spring time:)

You can print the workout here along with exercise descriptions. Let me know if you have any questions! Fit Fab Abs Workout

Happy Workout!


Printable Workout: Fat Burning Circuit – Say “Bye Bye Inches”!

I love a good cardio and strength circuit and this is one I’ve had in heavy rotation for a few weeks. You only need a pair of dumbbells and a step or bench for step ups and you can do this entire workout in your living room, dorm room or even outside.

This is one of my favorite breakdowns and I used to teach this class all the time in my high intensity training or toning classes. In each circuit you’ll start with an upper body exercise, then do a lower body exercise, they do a combo exercise then finish with a 60 second cardio sprint. Make sure your really hit the cardio part hard and you will be dripping sweat in no time!

Try to do this workout 2 or 3 times a week and you’ll burn fat and tone your muscles which is the perfect recipe for melting away inches! You can get the printable version with exercise descriptions here. fat burning circuit workout

Happy Workout!


Weekend Challenge: Tone your lower body with the walking lunge challenge

Who doesn’t love a little extra challenge for the weekend? I always like to use my Saturday workouts to break away from my usual routine and to experiment with new classes or new workout formats. I think it’s a great way to incorporate new ideas and exercises plus it breaks up the boredom and creates that little extra push to make it to the gym. Challenging your body with something new is also a great way to keep seeing results! So here is a little “Weekend Challenge” for you:)

I taught this “walking lunge challenge” in my Total Toning class and my students loved to hate it! You will feel in the morning so, it’s my measure of a good workout:) Try it once in the morning and once at night each day of the weekend or incorporate 2-3 rounds of it in your regular run or workout. You don’t need any equipment so there are no excuses! Plus if you want to sport short-shorts this weekend, it’s the perfect thing to tighten and tone your whole lower body!

Have a great weekend and let me know what you though of the challenge!


Workout Video: The Better Butt Workout; Glutes and Outer Thighs


This is one of my favorite series of exercises to do at the end of my total body strength training or lower body strength training days. It’s hard to find any better exercises out there that work the outer thighs and glutes and I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for the best way to work that area;)

I love that you only need a stretchy band to do these exercises so you can do them in your living room. With shorter hemlines this time of year…this workout is definitely worth adding to your routine. You’re going to feel this one so you’ll know it’s working  as it targets, tightens and tones your butt and outer thighs!

There are 4 different exercises and aim for 10, 15  or 20 reps of each.

  1.  The Side Squat Walk: each time you take two steps in a direction that counts as one rep.
  2. The Side Squat: one side step right and one side step left equals one rep
  3. The Walk Up and Back: Each time you walk up and back equals one rep
  4. The Outer Thigh Blast: Go for at least 20 reps here… an abduction to the right then to the left equals one rep. This one is killer but it gets the job done;)

If you want you can go through this twice or three times if you have super stregnth and try to do it two times a week.

Happy Workout!

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Printable Workout: The “Short Shorts” Workout

With summer here I thought it would be the perfect time to do a workout dedicated to getting the gams in shape for shorts, skirts, dresses and any summer attire with a high hemline.

Since the best way to sculpt  your body is to combine cardio and strength training, this workout has both elements. The cardio section uses sprints or plyometics which are both amazing for toning muscles and reducing body fat. If you want to add a little extra work for the lower body, try doing the sprints up an incline or with some resistance. For the strength section we are going to do supersets (exercises done back to back) and I’ve specifically selected exercises that recuit different parts of the lower body to ensure every inch of your legs is worked. I also made sure the sequence of exercises if perfect for fatiguing and sculpting the muscles. Try this workout 2 times a week and get ready to rock some short shorts with tons of confidence!

Print the workout with instructions and exercise descriptions here.FitFabCities Short Shorts Workout

Happy Workout!