VIDEO: Fun Fitness Class – Recess Workout!

(credit: King5) Click the image to see the video.

Who doesn’t love recess? Well what if I told you there is a gym that turned recess in to a workout? Monkey bars, relay races, obstacle courses and a live DJ spinning awesome mixes…and it’s all in the service of providing a muscle sculpting, fat burning workout!

This month I had the extreme pleasure of checking out Seattle’s Rival Fitness club for KING5 TV’s daytime show New Day Northwest. Click the image above to see the video and read all about it!

If you live in Seattle you will definitely want to pay Rival Fitness a visit. The gym is all about making fitness fun and accessible, and along with innovative classes like Recess and Field Day, Rival features some of the most cutting edge equipment including VIPERs, sandbacks, ropes and, of course, monkey bars.

Rival is also the only gym in Seattle that features Indo Rowing classes. The Indo Rower is a   water resistance based indoor rowing machine that provides a full body, low impact workout. It also means business… get ready to sweat and sculpt your entire body in a way you’ve never experienced before.

I tried a few classes during my free week pass and each one blew my mind.  Tabata, Field Day and Shockwave…all incredible, fun, innovative workouts. Rival is like Christmas morning for anyone who loves fitness, there is almost too much good stuff. The best part is the warm, friendly, helpful environment that makes fitness fun and everyone feel welcome!

To learn more about Rival Fitness visit their website.

Rival Fitness’s Indo Rowers use water as resistance.



Flywheel Sports Indoor Cycling Class

(credit KING5, click to see the FlyWheel video)

I’m always on the hunt for new fitness classes that make working out fun, and I’ve recently found my new obsession…Flywheel indoor cycling classes. I mean, it’s to the point where I will inject my Flywheel fanaticism into every conversation.

The workout is really popular with celebs like Sophia Vergara and Jessica Alba so it’s always intrigued me.  I had the opportunity to try the class this month when I was lucky enough to cover a Flywheel for KING5′s new Health Initiative. (FYI check  out the KING5 HealthLink page, it has tons of great healthy info!)

Now, I’ve taken (and taught) my fair  share of indoor cycling classes but Flywheel is not your average spin class. It’s the best parts of going out to a dance club and getting the best workout of your life combined!

When I stepped into the studio, the lights dimmed and all my stresses and to-do list items just melted away. The high tech bikes displayed RPM and resistance (Torq) and  I was enthralled with the idea of the Torqboard. As a pretty competitive person, the chance to see how I stacked up against the rest of the riders on real time pushed my workout to a new level. The instructors encourage and motivate riders through the workout and I even heard their words  boosting me throughout the day.

The community at Flywheel is warm and open and I really felt at home. Plus, 700 calories later I was dripping sweat and thinking…this is way too fun to even call it a workout!