VIDEO: Fun Fitness Class – Recess Workout!

(credit: King5) Click the image to see the video.

Who doesn’t love recess? Well what if I told you there is a gym that turned recess in to a workout? Monkey bars, relay races, obstacle courses and a live DJ spinning awesome mixes…and it’s all in the service of providing a muscle sculpting, fat burning workout!

This month I had the extreme pleasure of checking out Seattle’s Rival Fitness club for KING5 TV’s daytime show New Day Northwest. Click the image above to see the video and read all about it!

If you live in Seattle you will definitely want to pay Rival Fitness a visit. The gym is all about making fitness fun and accessible, and along with innovative classes like Recess and Field Day, Rival features some of the most cutting edge equipment including VIPERs, sandbacks, ropes and, of course, monkey bars.

Rival is also the only gym in Seattle that features Indo Rowing classes. The Indo Rower is a   water resistance based indoor rowing machine that provides a full body, low impact workout. It also means business… get ready to sweat and sculpt your entire body in a way you’ve never experienced before.

I tried a few classes during my free week pass and each one blew my mind.  Tabata, Field Day and Shockwave…all incredible, fun, innovative workouts. Rival is like Christmas morning for anyone who loves fitness, there is almost too much good stuff. The best part is the warm, friendly, helpful environment that makes fitness fun and everyone feel welcome!

To learn more about Rival Fitness visit their website.

Rival Fitness’s Indo Rowers use water as resistance.



Everyday Fall Makeup Tutorial

Who doesn’t love the bold, beautiful lips all over the place this fall? Here is a quick video tutorial of the fall makeup look I do everyday. It’s superfast and easy and looks polished enough for the office and pretty enough for a date. If you add a swipe of smokey shadow and intensify the eyeliner this look can even work for a night out.

My Tarte cheek stain in Flush and Revlon color stain balm in Smitten are in heavy rotation right now because they are so simple to use and create the perfect dewy color. Hope you like!


Products used: (Laura Mercier slik creme foundationLaura Mercier concealer / Guerlain bronzer in 2/  Stila in the lights palette  or just the kitten eyeshadow /  Stila smudge liner, Covergirl lash blast fusion mascara /  Tarte cheek stain in Flush/  Revlon color stain balm in Smitten)

NBC KING5 Segment: Workout Review, Paddleboarding

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being on Seattle’s NBC affiliate KING5′s daytime show New Day Northwest. I’m the lifestyle reporter and cover the best in food, fitness, fashion and lifestyle goings on around Seattle, and I love getting the opportunity to showcase the features on New Day.

Yesterday we featured one of my new favorite workouts, paddleboarding and if you haven’t tried it yet, well you have to! It’s a great workout for your legs, core and butt, plus it’s incredibly fun and a great way to enjoy beautiful views. Celebs like Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson frequently paddleboard and it burns up to about 450 calories and hour. Click on the picture above or click here to so the video and learn how fun and easy paddleboarding is. If you get nice weather this weekend it would make  perfect Labor Day workout:)

Workout Video: The Better Butt Workout; Glutes and Outer Thighs


This is one of my favorite series of exercises to do at the end of my total body strength training or lower body strength training days. It’s hard to find any better exercises out there that work the outer thighs and glutes and I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for the best way to work that area;)

I love that you only need a stretchy band to do these exercises so you can do them in your living room. With shorter hemlines this time of year…this workout is definitely worth adding to your routine. You’re going to feel this one so you’ll know it’s working  as it targets, tightens and tones your butt and outer thighs!

There are 4 different exercises and aim for 10, 15  or 20 reps of each.

  1.  The Side Squat Walk: each time you take two steps in a direction that counts as one rep.
  2. The Side Squat: one side step right and one side step left equals one rep
  3. The Walk Up and Back: Each time you walk up and back equals one rep
  4. The Outer Thigh Blast: Go for at least 20 reps here… an abduction to the right then to the left equals one rep. This one is killer but it gets the job done;)

If you want you can go through this twice or three times if you have super stregnth and try to do it two times a week.

Happy Workout!

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The Thinner Thighs Exercise…The Ultimate Plie

I’m going to do a new thing on my YouTube channel and post videos of some of my favorite exercises or things I do during my daily workouts. The videos are shot on my phone and I’m post run/weights/plyos which explains why I look oh-so-glamorous :) . Truth be told, as I see it, the grosser and sweatier I am post workout, just means the better workout I got. So here is the first video!

I love plies for targeting the lower body. They works the inner and outer things, hamstrings, quads and really hit the area I like to call the “thutt”. FYI, thutt is my “technical term” for where your thighs meet your butt. We are going to use one dumbbell and start in plie position, then switch hands as we bring the dumbbell up and down from the floor. You’ll notice you’ll end up getting a lot deeper in the plie and your thighs will be close to parallel to the floor… giving your legs and butt a super workout. Plus, I added a little something extra to the end of the plie to really tone those thighs!

Try adding the ultimate plie to your regular strength training workout and aim for 2-3 sets of 30-45 seconds of the plie and 15-30 seconds of the pulses at the end. Then get ready to rock your summer shorts!

Happy Workout:)

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