Weekend Challenge: 15 Minute Fat Burner

Here’s a fun weekend challenge for you, and the best part is it only takes 15 minutes! Each time though the 5 exercise above counts as one round, and your goal is to  get through as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes. You don’t need any equipment so hit this workout at home or outside, anytime this weekend!

Let me know how many times you make it through!

Happy Workout Weekend!




Weekend Challenge: The Butts and Guts Workout


I don’t know about you, but this weekend’s challenge is all about the two area I love to work! We’ll do some plyometrics, strength moves and isometrics to tighten and tone the lower body and abs…hence, the butts and guts workout:)

You don’t need any equipment so you can do this workout when you hop out of bed in the morning or while you’re out on a run. Aim for going through it once on Saturday and maybe even once on Sunday!

Happy Workout!


Weekend Challenge: Slo-Mo Workout

For this Weekend Challenge we are slowing down out workout to get more bang for our buck!

Sometimes to get more out of your workout you don’t need to change up the exercises, you simply need to change the tempo. Slowing down forces your body to work harder, recruiting more muscles fibers and taxing the muscles in new ways. You’re going to lower down for a slow count of 4 (or 2 for dips) and the push back up for that same slow count. Even though you’ve done plenty of pushups, dips and lunges before you’ll find this slo-mo workout will make you a little extra sore the next day!

Aim for one, two or three times through the workouts and try to do it at least once on Saturday and one on Sunday!

Happy Workout!


Weekend Challenge: Total Body Workout


We’re about a week and a half into 2013 and I thought it would be a good time for a weekend workout challenge! You don’t need any equipment so you could actually do this workout right when you wake up:)

Try to go through once or twice and aim for doing this once in the morning and once at night Saturday and Sunday. Let me know how it goes!

Have a great weekend!


Weekend Challenge: 4 Minute Cardio Challenge

Happy post-Turkey Day! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Here is a quick ( so that means extra tough) workout since everyone is probably short on time today with Black Friday sales, visiting with family and traveling.

It’s only 4 minutes and you’ll kick up the cardio plus get some extra toning. Here what to do…

  1. 45 second: squats, 15 seconds rest
  2. 45 seconds squat thrusts, 15 seconds rest
  3. 45 seconds jumping jacks, 15 seconds rest
  4. 45 seconds mountain climbers, 15 seconds rest

If you want, take a one minute break and feel free to repeat this workout as many time as you’d like. Try for 3 time through but let me know if anyone hits 5 or more! You don’t need any equipment so you can do this workout anywhere.

Happy Weekend Challenge!